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On The Road to Bonnaroo

June 15, 2015

Hotel keys, old fashions, bubble blowers, roadside bouquets, fried food, Talking Heads, southern food, Teva sandals, sunburns, and 10 hours driving.

A fun trip is about the journey than the destination.

My favorite city of the trip was Nashville, but no real photos to document it. Sorry guys, when you’re having fun, you just forget. New Orleans was super tight too. Definitely get someone who lives there to show you around.


After 4 days hopping southern cities, we finally made it to Bonnaroo! Best festival I’ve been to – by far. Little stages with upcoming artists and good vibes all around. Thanks Teva for letting us drive a huge suburban through the south and end it at a festival. I’ll let the photos speak for the trip, because I have white, sandy beaches on the brain and can’t properly articulate how rad this trip was.

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