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Oaxaca Travel Guide

July 11, 2018

¡Hola! Just got back from Oaxaca and am overwhelmed with much to share, but I’m going to keep this blog post simple, short, and sweet as a list of places I visited in the beautiful city. I’m hoping the energy was well captured through video, so I won’t really go further into my admiration for the city.

What I can share with you are some the routes we took and how to maximize your visit as best possible.


I’ll be dividing my trip up into sections of where things are in relation to each other so you can figure best for yourself how you would plan it. We stayed about 30 minutes outside of the city, which was lovely to see how people really lived outside of bustling downtown, El Centro. There are lots of amazing places to eat and shop, here are the ones we visited

City Center

To Eat

El Pitiona – Lovely food and creative drinks. A super beautiful spot for daytime food.

El Trompo – Realllllly good and cheap tacos. Best for a late night meal after a few dance parties 

Bouleng –  We unfortunately never made it here, but it was on the list and looks delicious!

Sabina Sabe – A bright teal space for cocktails and food – we never got the food part though, but we did visit more than once for drinks! Super sweet bartenders.

Hotel Antonio – A coffee shop we stumbled in that felt like we never left LA, but in a really good way.

El Distilado – I think this was one of my favorite places we ate at and I encourage the tasting menu! The atmosphere is really good for groups; we never tried the cocktails though because of the election. 

Los Danzantes – Worth visiting for dinner for the architecture alone. The appetizers were memorable.

Criollo – This was definitely my favorite restaurant. It was the perfect harmony of craft, design, and flavors. Not to be missed.

Los Amantes – A mezcal tasting bar, very small and intimate, but we found ourselves here probably…. every night.

To Shop

Studio Q – A creative project between local artisans and designers.

Lanii  – Home of a very Instagrammable wicker wall

Aripo – It was closed when we tried to visit but looks sooo beautiful.

Collectivo 1050 – Spot for designer ceramics

Xaquixe – In an art studio where I was heavily drawn to the pastel, glass-blown goods


To Visit / Stay

Textile Museum – The art itself is pretty quick to go through, but there are some interesting places to pop in and out of within the blocks’ vicinity.

Casa Oaxaca – This was recommended across the board to stay and eat, but it was closed for renovations during our visit so we didn’t get to check it out.

Jardin Entobotanico – Sorely missed this as well. We didn’t realize the hours and had poorly planned our visit, soooo beautiful though.

Los Amantes – I definitely want to stay here the next time I’m in town, such a beautiful space along with a luring rooftop bar.

South Valley

Here are some of the stops in linear order:

1. Tula Tree for this historic tree

2. Teotitlan for rugs

3. Matatlan for mezcal

4. Hierve el Agua for breathtaking nature (this required a day trip on its own, but the previous can be done in a day


Other Destinations

One of my favorite spots was Atzompa, a little pottery village. I warn future visitors right now to plan ahead to bring back some pottery that is hard to pass up. Super affordable and extremely well made crafted goods here. Abastos market was also a bit of a drive away but so worth the visit. It’s like a huge farmers market + crafts + ready-to-made food. Everyone is dressed in traditional wear and it’s really a magical, stimulating place to be.

Thank you for following along x


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  3. I’m planning a trip for this winter basically because of you. Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. I love the “free-floating” design of your posts. Also, the potteries you got are so cute! Hope to visit Atzompa some day. xx

  5. I love your green flower patterned dress! Will you be able to share where it’s from ?
    Got directed here from your Utube. Fun travels!

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