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Night Owl

May 27, 2018

Hello frends – how have you all been? It’s been a minute since I’ve updated. Funny enough, I had a comment in Ask Rachel asking why I don’t update as much given this new platform. That’s a great question and maybe an appropriate time to answer really, what my day to day looks like.

All my life I’ve been a perpetual night owl – ever since college when my horrible procrastination habits pushed me to last-minute, 4am study cramming. Something about the world’s slumber pushed me into a zone of my own – truly, a time I can concentrate without the distraction of social updates, text messages, and fomo. This still applies to my adult life.

With that in mind, I can introduce to you the fact that Weston is a morning person, a light sleeper, and in bed by 10:30pm most nights. This has put a damper on the balance of my work and personal life, because I can’t, for the life of me, concentrate during the day. Sure, email and correspondence are easy, but editing… not so much. Emails flurry in by the hour most days and working lonesome is a lot to keep up on such back-and-forth. It’s not an excuse, rather, letting you know what first world struggles I deal with in the face of self-balance.

Dress by Han Wen

we are happy to serve you

we are happy to serve you

we are happy to serve you

we are happy to serve you

But all in all, living together has been a positive experience and definitely brought us closer. But these minute adjustments have taken me away from the grunt work I perpetually put aside. How do you guys stay motivated? Or even get through the endless distractions the daytime throws at you? WOULD LOVE SOME TIPS.

PS, How cute is that cup? Illustration credit: Adriana Gallo


  1. I don’t live with my boyfriend, but I do have my best friends for roommates. I cannot for the life of me get stuff done in my house. I block out a section of time in my day to go to a coffee shop, hide in a corner, and have a list of everything I need to get done starting with the most important.

  2. I’m a night owl who recently converted to being a morning person, so I can identify with both of you!

    Something I’ve recently learned about is calendar blocking. Essentially, you block out time on your calendar and devote it to a certain thing, and you can take this as far as you want (even so far as blocking out the times you wake up and go to bed). So you can block out a certain time period in the afternoon (or whenever) for when you do video editing, or write a blog post, or film a video. There’s a great, extensive video about this on Youtube by Amy Landino.

    As for alleviating distractions, I know Spotify has some great playlists in various genres devoted to focus. (If you’re editing, you may want to listen on your phone versus on your computer.) There are also various apps you can use on your phone to discourage you from picking it up while you’re wanting to work, along with browser extensions (mainly for Chrome or Firefox) where you can block certain websites during a certain period of time when you really want to get stuff done. You can also ask Weston to support you, if you want to.

    If you had additional space in your apartment I’d also recommend having a separate room as an office space, as opposed to using your living room area. Should you ever move to another apartment or into a house, this may be something to think about?

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