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Closet Cleanout

January 22, 2015

WORD VOMIT: You guys – do you remember when I did this thing called “Shop Chic” and sold all my clothes on it? Well it’s happening again… soon. I have this burning urge to get rid of everything, and every time I lose something in one of my three closets, I question my sanity. This isn’t good for me.

I’m currently in the mind-fuck of my physical ‘stuff’ being super unorganized, thus, my mental ‘stuff’ is super unorganized. That’s probably why this post doesn’t make as much sense as I’d like. You heard right, I have three closets – all of which are poorly compartmentalized and lack functionality… like my thoughts.

Well since this is a fashion blog, I will (hopefully) indulge your eyes in pretty photos. As you know I moved last year, except there has been no real documentation on my blog. There is some on Instagram and YouTube. Hoping to do an updated apartment tour soon. The idea (among many others) is documented somewhere between my written thoughts and plans for the year.


For now, I am selling my clothes on Depop and went through it tonight to discount everything even more. Seriously, there’s some good deals in there.

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