Fabi So Fabulous

January 7, 2016

It’s been awhile since I spontaneously took photos and threw them on this blog right away. New year goal? Start posting right away? The best part of having creative friends is they’re 1. all open-minded 2. doors are also always open 3. down to make pretty things at a drop of a hat. Last night, I literally walked into the front door of my friend Valerie’s apartment and felt inspired right then and there to take photos even though I’ve been to her home countless of times. Well, I was inspired. By Debbie’s new Acne necklace. A brass throwback to my early tweens.

HAPPY NEW YEAR. Music played the biggest role in my 2015 developments. Many nights of dancing, crying, drinking, laughing, driving. Many more mornings of dancing, crying, drinking, laughing, driving. The past year has been a lot of exploring and foundation laying – in all aspects of my life – creativeness, possessions, friends, love, family, myself. I loved last year but am so ready to start a new one. Till then I will archive my nostalgia through the playlist you see below paired with photos of me in the canyons.

Also, if this playlist doesn’t satiate your ears, a lovely viewer made a playlist of all the songs I used for Vlogmas. Don’t know what Vlogmas is? Where have you been?! Watch the last 31 days of my 2015 here.


Bronson Canyon

October 26, 2015

Happy Monday friends! How was your weekend?? I spent the beginning of the weekend heading to Palm Springs for Olivia’s birthday. Teddy said it best: when your friendship is based around lies and deception is makes it really easy to surprise someone. Kidding, of course. We stayed until Saturday afternoon before Teddy and I headed back to city where I lounged around with my man and mentally prepped myself for the 5K I ran yesterday. When I say lounge, I mean, addictively browse The Real Real for Chanel bags I should(n’t) splurge on while he edits Instagram photos. Post script: That is not a sponsorship plug, I am sickeningly addicted. However, the link is affiliated to Rewardstyle because I would like some credit if I get any of you guys hooked on it too.

Enough word vomiting about my life (I am just so excited to talk to you guys!! Is anyone listening??) and more about this post. I’ve been looking for a film point-and-shoot for a while to replace my disposable camera expense. I really wanted my find to be a serendipitous moment at a flea market, but my purchase is less than poetic. After a few months, I took my searches to the internet, which is far less satisfying. But I got one at a great price; here’s the shop link: Vintage BP.  The only thing is they ship from Berlin which took almost 2 weeks to get.

Today I am sharing these shots Alex and I took a few weeks ago in Bronson Canyon – some shots using the film camera – hence the long foreword. Hope you guys enjoy and have a lovely week xxxx


Dress by J.H. ZaneConverse sneakers. Photos by Alex Kim Kenealy

Boom Boom

October 13, 2015

This past fashion week was one of my favorites so far. Mostly because I stopped caring; it was a liberating feeling. Also, I’m really into the fact that fashion week is spread throughout downtown. Wrote a small piece about it for The Zoe Report that you can read here.


Also, thanks Vans for this super sick jacket. I’ve been wearing it everywhere and getting a billion compliments on it. I am at my mental capacity talking about New York Fashion Week so watch my video here.

Nine Denim Outfits

August 19, 2015

Who What Wear, Levi’s ®, and myself are going to talk fall denim. Yes, it probably still reads triple-digits on your thermostat, but it’s never too early to start thinking about repurposing, repurchasing, and restyling your denim. Lucky for you, there are 9 outfits (and three rad chicks) for you to get inspiration from on Who What Wear’s site right now.

 Jeans are a very personal matter; in fact, I think I legitimately teared up when my Levi’s 501® from freshman year of college ripped at the knees last year at fashion week. It’s been a year since said scarring experience, and I think I can safely ease into getting myself a fresh pair of Levi’s ® to love till end of time.

Thank you Who What Wear and Justin Coit for doing an amazing job telling this story with us. Us being RimaGrasie, and myself.


Levi’s 711 in Winter Solstice. Levi’s 721 in Deep Abyss. Levi’s 501® CT Jeans for Women in Cali Cool paired with Levi’s Classic Western Shirt.

In collaboration with Who What Wear and Levi’s.

43 More Days

August 10, 2015

There are only 43 days left of summer. And while it’s not a Southern California concern with great weather year-round, silky separates won’t be as relevant. This worries me, as it’s all I care to live in. I’m trying to make the most of wearing as many crop tops possible.

Life update: I just got back to LA after an incredibly hot week in Texas. It’s been a while since I was last in Dallas where half my family tree resides, but as always, it was grounding. Didn’t vlog while I was out there, but I have so much content I need to organize and share. Okay, life update done. I’m really funny on Snapchat, so maybe follow me there: raychizzlle.


July 9, 2015

This art installation was pretty hot for a moment, and I remember thinking: ‘okay I gotta photograph there before everyone else does’. Of course I end up posting the photos a month later. But that’s not why I’m excited about this post. We have to talk about this Isabel Marant skirt. It’s in my blood that I don’t like to buy things full price. So I’m often scrounging through consignment shops and feelin’ out those “omg” pieces. This is one of them because it was brand new with tags… for $79.30 at Crossroads. Orange County, man. What do you do with your money?


When you like a brand and they like you; you can maybe get away with asking for a lot. Such as, using their entire factory to manifest a design from your head – basically what I asked of AG. A few meetings and a mood board later, I was in HQ with the designers brainstorming fun ideas. I went for pieces that my closet lacked: a tattered denim jacket with scribbles all over it and high-waisted open button fly jeans.

I would go through the entire, wordy process, but I rather you watch the video yourself. Below are photos to express my love for my new garments. I apologize to my friends in advance for obnoxiously wearing my new Canadian tuxedo on a weekly basis.


Pink and Black

February 10, 2015

Day two of my purge. Some shots against the quintessential pink Paul Smith wall on Melrose Blvd. Pink and black remains to be one of my favorite color combinations despite of my entire middle-school experience ridden of Hot Topic pink/black apparel. But there are girls, my age, who are forever scarred by this pairing. Pink-and-black, apparently, is a complete blasphemy. I only see modern ladies reaction in nostalgic disgust upon viewing.

  • Diesel
  • Uniqlo
  • Barney's

For example, I had this “fuck off” shirt in black and pink (worn here), and my best friend goes, “I could really like that shirt, but omg I hate those colors. I really, really don’t like it.” The guys we were with objected and sided with me – it’s a rad shirt. But maybe they never saw what middle-school looked like in America during 2000.

Heck, maybe I never grew out of it.

Shadow Plays and Purge

February 9, 2015

Remember how I started this year off with “I will definitely blog more this year”. Well, that didn’t last very long, but the weird thing is I’m constantly documenting and shooting photos (and videos). So I am producing content; I just have this weird attachment with photos being too precious to post right away. So I hold on until they’re no longer relevant.

Bad habit.

The point of this is, I’m taking this week to flush out all my content and start fresh. Why? Well, I’m no longer blonde. It’s quite emotional – really, but I won’t reveal my hair until later this week when I have no more blonde hair photos.  Till then, brace yourself for a post every day this week! As my best friend Teddy like to hashtag, #7daysofthatschic