REVISION II: I have found someone for this role!! Thank you so much for your interests x

REVISION: After reading my 12:30am plea for help, I realized it did come off indulgent and entitled, and for that I apologize. I’m not really the best at communicating, hah, it tends to get me in trouble at times and I feel like I’m always doing damage control.

But, you’re right, if I call it a job, I should at least offer a living wage… and if I’m being completely honest… I am just grazing my comfortable living and truthfully don’t have the means to support another human financially – for now (‘cause I think with the right help, I could). If you couldn’t tell by now, I am very picky about the sponsors I take on and sometimes, would rather pull rent money from my savings than to take on a sponsorship that I don’t feel aligned with or a have connection towards. Perhaps rewording this as an internship would be a better case?

Now I consider myself to be a fair person and will always make sure everyone around me is comfortable and knows that I value and appreciate their time, I hope I haven’t shown anyone proof otherwise of my personality. I would much rather undersell a project and over deliver than to oversell and under deliver. I have some projects in the pipeline that aren’t set in stone yet, and if those pull through, then suddenly I will have a bigger budget to work with. I’m also always in contact with people who are looking for talent to hire and have often referred people I’ve worked with to them – you just never know where your journey will take you.

Ultimately yes, I am asking for you to take a risk on me, and it’s not for you, no hard feelings. However, what I don’t want, is for there to be any room for misjudgment on my character; which is why I wanted to write this follow up note in the spirit of transparency.

I am asking for help, officially. In evaluating what I want to invest my time into this year… I thought of many things: youtube, self-growth, relationships, creativity. There are so many facets of my life that have tremendous potential yet I keep coming back to this: a team.

Starting the YouTube channel was not only meant to share my life, but I wanted it to be a place to collaborate and foster talent. It’s fun for me. But I also know I haven’t even touched the peak of what I’m capable of. My dreams are becoming far too large for my own two hands and with many of you extending a helping hand, asking this community made the most sense. However, I don’t have much money to offer but hope to properly compensate you with beauty goodies, mentorship, and sending you off in the right direction.

While this may seem gratuitous for just a YouTube channel, I am hoping to take on a few projects outside of That’s Chic. With the right person to bounce off of, we can really make magic ✨✨ But I need someone willing to grow with me, and who knows where that can lead!?


– Mentorship to whatever you are working on
– Help build social contacts where it fits
– A $500 monthly stipend – first 3 months, can discuss more after
– Ten (10) products a month
– A platform to collaborate on


– Savvy, sexy, smart
– Needs no handholding
– Creative!
– In LA proper with a car *is a requirement, no budging on this*
– Part-time, with me 2-3 days a week and possibly more
– Hustler who doesn’t need direction
– Fast paced thinker
– Understand that I don’t know how to ask for help so I need someone proactive


– Pick up/drop off dry cleaning, returns, samples
– Depop (can pay commission on sales)
– Attend some events
– Project-based to help with videos or photography
– Rough cuts/editing video files
– Building out decks
– Research
– Organizing and maintaining a schedule/workflow

Please email me: why you’d be my perfect assistant. Don’t need resumes, but maybe some visuals that encompass who you are.

Title your email: CREATIVE ASSISTANT: <YOUR NAME>. I will not read it otherwise (cause then I know you don’t take instructions well heh). Keep your email professional!

PS, this is a JOB. I am not looking for someone to ‘help’ me, I am looking for someone to put in the work. I work extremely fast-paced and am not as laissez-faire as my videos may paint me as.

New Beginnings

November 2, 2017

First thing’s first: can we get a huge round of applause for the MVP, Alan Li for tolerating my insistent late night emails about website related stuff for over a year? I came to Dani over a year ago with the idea of a website revamp, to which I started working closely with said developer, Alan. As my life and mind still stands, it was a sandbox. Literally my head felt like a sandbox, and with YouTube as my new frontier, side gigs, blah blah blah, I still haven’t found an outlet that felt me.

So I essentially wanted an experience that looked like my mind, but hopefully in a more digestible form. Play around, indulge, explore, and let me know your thoughts! We would love some feedback to make more fine-tuned.

Till then, enjoy the new That’s Chic.

2017 Mood

January 27, 2017

The things I’m feeling from my camera roll down to a visual moving board.

Happy New Year!

It’s been a strange year. I felt in a rut 50% of it and no amount of new travels, lush dinners, cuddle seshs, or alone time could get me out of it. But I think ultimately it came down to needing a break. I have been hustling for over 10 years – nonstop. And I couldn’t get myself to think anymore. Everything was in a fog. In fact, every time I reminisce on a good memory from 2016, I realize that it’s actually a memory from 2015.

Anyway, time apart from the web and reconnecting with myself, friends, family, and the world we live in has given me the energy I need to get back into the world to create again. Also my documented travels still remain unshared and I’m excited to relive these moments again – hopefully now with a more optimistic mindset. So that when I do look back on good memories, I can recall them from 2016.


Thank you Spotify for getting to it before I did by cementing my airwaves into a playlist. Last year I curated my own, but damn this was a great job. Obviously some repeats from 2015.


PS, I highly suggest investing in one beautiful lingerie set this year to put on for the days you need a can-do attitude.


Wishy Washy

November 25, 2016

I’ve been making wishlists since grade school because they’re fool-proof. And while I don’t expect anyone to drop four c-notes on disco shoes for me, it’s a nice reminder of what I can spoil myself with once the holiday season is over (that’s the thing with having a December birthday). I’m not gonna beat around the bush; I love that one day (or week?) of the year, I can obnoxiously make it all about me. It’s what I’ve waited 364 days for. But also, this is a good gift guide if you’re in a pickle this holiday. Happy Black Friday / Cyber Monday shopping x

1. Black boots I have a large enough arsenal of black booties, but what I’m not opposed to is a good swap out. Sell one to consignment and introduce a funkier pair. DORATEYMUR mishmashes Marie Antionette and 80s punk into a shoe hybrid you didn’t know what you wanted.

2. Photography book Indulging in heavy imagery is a huge part in my creative process, and Mario Sorrenti is one of the absolute best because of his diaristic approach. There’s something sentimental and organic about his point-of-view: plastered archives on a wall that found its way into book form: Draw Blood For Proof. Why I don’t own this yet is beyond me, but another great suggestion is Quentin de Briey’s The Other Day. I was lucky to pick up a copy my trip to Paris.

3. Silk pillowcase When it comes to my beauty regimen, I want think about it once, then never again. So if all I have to do is invest sleep on silk for a beautiful tomorrow, then sign me up. I finally found a thoughtful brand, Slip, that invests in our silky slumber.

4. Simple bedding While we’re still talking about sleep, I am going to change your standard with propor linens. Shopping for bedding is overly complicated and finally Brooklinen simplified it without compromise. I have a grey set but already want a new set to procrastinate laundry day even further.

5. Fancy candles If you don’t know what to get someone, candles are always the easiest, chicest option. It’s one of those things that people really want but never spend the money on. Can I just mention how dangerous it is living walking-distance to a Diptyque? Boredom purchases are far more common than welcome so I can attest for many scents: Ambre, Tuberose, and Geranium Rose have been worth revisiting. Especially if they come in the colored jars.

6. Monthly membership I should want to pay for my own workouts, but Classpass is one of those things that I can easily justify not paying for. So if given in gift format, the guilt overrides laziness and I am given no other choice than to go.

7. Boxing gloves But if I am using Classpass, yoga and boxing studios are the only workouts that keep me sane and attentive. I own everything I could possibly need for yoga, but borrowing boxing gloves is gross. It’s actually way worse than borrowing bowling shoes so for that, it’s time to own my own pair. But it’s another procrastinated purchase, so until someone gifts me the guilt of not working out, my gloves will live on a wishlist.

8. Portable speaker Weston officially spoiled me with the gift of Sonos in my apartment – allowing Jesse Woods in the AM to Mariah Carey by PM. My musical dwelling unfortunately comes to a complete halt when I travel. So, it’s time to make the same investment to a rhythmic mobile lifestyle. Something clean, portable, and quality – like this one from B&O.

9. Vegan cookbook A clean diet has always been part of my upbringing. While I’m not vegan, I neither live the opposite. I glanced through Alicia’s book while waiting for my habitual Friday night kimchi bowl pickup at my favorite, M Cafe. I found her excerpts charming and loved her articulation on the vegan lifestyle. Definitely interested in reading more into this, but before I single-handedly meet M Cafe’s nightly sales quota in one swipe, I decided to leave this gift to fate.

10. Single earring Support local businesses – go gift shopping around your neighborhood. While it’s not in my neighborhood, my friend Geraldine has a rad shop, LCD, with a great curation. Like this Meadowlark singled-out earring.

11. Cast Iron Skillet A better tool for better cooking. Receiving this as a gift is more like receiving a compliment of culinary graduation: you are mature enough to respect and care for a cast-iron skillet.

12. Annual Splurge Since my very first paycheck, I’ve made an annual splurge on one pair of shoes. All you need is one really, really rad pair to feel brand new. This pair inspired this whole post, so while I contemplate the longevity of my lust for shiny disco sandals, I’m going to sign off here.

See you December 10th x

Rob Manolos Not Hearts

November 30, 2015

In honor of Cyber Monday, I bring you my favorite secret. It will be the end and start of your hunt for really good designer shit. I wish I can say that this post was brought to you by The Real Real, but I absolutely did not get paid for this post (not even for trade! But hey, if you’re reading… hook a homie up).

Call it a strange addiction or a love interest: I’m a compulsive deal seeker. Discovering The Real Real has put me at the edge of my lust for super sales. And while I’ve only bought from them a few times, I almost daily comb through the site for those “OMG” pieces. The thrill of finding a cheap gem is beyond addicting – to which I go about texting all my friends and asking them what shoe size they are so they can wear my dream shoes and I can vicariously live through their purchase. It’s a win/win.

Today is a win/win for us. Because I fulfilled all my shopping desires and you don’t have to overwhelm yourself with the massive inventory. But if you have time, imagine a world where The Row is priced below $100 and isn’t mistakenly missing an extra zero at the end. Yes, that tank top is $44 and not $440 (which is still lower than their usual retail price for a silk tank).

The shopping is ridiculous. I’ve already made “sorry” cards for the friends who I’ve introduced the site to. Once in a while they have flash sales, as in 50-60% off the already super discounted consignment price. Don’t waste your time on Cyber Monday.. shop consignment. And if you’re iffy about consignment clothes (their QC is superb), they have a boutique on 50% off NWT items. Ughhh.


UNDER $150

UNDER $300

Also, I can’t knock all the sales. When your email looks like this, I feel like I have to share some filtered, good deals. You know, no lame ones that are only 10% off or free shipping + sample.



  • Otte NY – I’ve always thought they have a very shoppable curation of brands and pieces to discover. I’m so shopped out, otherwise I’d be geeking out over this sale. 40% additional off sale using ‘extrapie40’
  • NARS Cosmetics – Quality makeup rarely goes on sale, so although this is only 20%, it’s better then what you can find throughout the year. If you don’t know what you “need” from NARS right now, get the lipstick in VIP Red. Best red ever – which look like a limited color. Might pick myself an extra one!
  • ASOS – Because you’re still in the mood to comb through more sales. ASOS has good pieces when it’s not terribly, overly trendy. Look for elevated basics and knickers. 20% off order using ‘blessed’
  • Madewell – Good denim, quality pieces. Still pricey (wouldn’t you rather get Chanel pants for the price of jeans here?) but I do love their stuff. 25% off order using ‘shopatwork’

HAPPY SHOPPING. Excuse grammar and brevity – my computer screen is starting to look like a huge blur blob.

It’s been a while since I’ve done official weekly posts. Remember when? But I couldn’t resist posting through the charm and endearment I felt this morning viewing the Dior show. Shoes, chokers, blazers. Raf is hitting home runs into my heart. I’ve always loved a neck scarf, blazer, and pointy shoe. It’s my favorite formulated outfit. I wore it in my Valentine’s Day video at 30 seconds. Dior’s version is obviously way better and gives me heart palpitations. Note to self: pink silk scarves for the neck.



OOPS, wanted to get this post up earlier in the day. Alas, I have been treating Mondays like Sundays and Sundays like Fridays. So I’m all in this crazy loop. This should get us through Monday evening and the rest of the week. I’ve been wallowing a bit and have in a certain mood – reflected in this week’s music picks. Play it through. Don’t skip around. Enjoy.

It’s a full moon so we should celebrate! Last night I ate sushi on my boyfriend’s rooftop overlooking Downtown LA while charging my crystals in the supermoon light with some desert sage. And the photos above? Well, those were taken this summer my one of my best friends in Venice, CA. She’s getting married this weekend in Palm Springs and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Now to find the perfect desert dress.

Bi-Annual Favorites

September 14, 2015

Closet Cleanout

January 22, 2015

WORD VOMIT: You guys – do you remember when I did this thing called “Shop Chic” and sold all my clothes on it? Well it’s happening again… soon. I have this burning urge to get rid of everything, and every time I lose something in one of my three closets, I question my sanity. This isn’t good for me.

I’m currently in the mind-fuck of my physical ‘stuff’ being super unorganized, thus, my mental ‘stuff’ is super unorganized. That’s probably why this post doesn’t make as much sense as I’d like. You heard right, I have three closets – all of which are poorly compartmentalized and lack functionality… like my thoughts.

Well since this is a fashion blog, I will (hopefully) indulge your eyes in pretty photos. As you know I moved last year, except there has been no real documentation on my blog. There is some on Instagram and YouTube. Hoping to do an updated apartment tour soon. The idea (among many others) is documented somewhere between my written thoughts and plans for the year.


For now, I am selling my clothes on Depop and went through it tonight to discount everything even more. Seriously, there’s some good deals in there.