Chambre 311

February 27, 2018

Bonjour from chambre 311!


Actually, it’s more of a bonsoir right now. Admittedly my 3rd time in France and I’m still trying to absorb the language.
I’ve been really excited to work with H&M on this project with their Studio collection this year – especially as a fan of many of their other seasons. In an age where fashion is fast, it’s nice to see a global fashion house like H&M slow down and work with their ateliers to design a beautiful collection that is less trend focused – there in the Studio Collection. A seasonal collection only shoppable in smaller quantities.

The show was incredibly thoughtful – as well as my whole experience with H&M. From meeting the official seasonal artist who did the prints and my portrait to the Japanese dinner, there were elements of surprise each turn.

I’m off to enjoy my last night in Paris, so I’ll leave you here. But hopefully not longing for more as the whole collection is, as Rihanna would say, phresh off the runway and shoppable. But act fast because pieces are already selling out! Enjoy mon amis!  Till then, I’ve been dying to wear a tank top so I’ll see you next in sunny LA x

Seeing Red

February 19, 2018

I’ve headed east to chilly New York for two weeks, and I’m seeing red!

If you haven’t picked it up from social media yet, I’m here (conveniently during NYFW) consulting for one of my favorite brands for their Apple-esque beauty products, Glossier

I promise this isn’t an homage to Glossier, but rather an homage to the feeling of being in an empowered environment and being able to take on everything.

The power of a staple pump suddenly came back into my peripheral – maybe it’s my new office responsibilities or maybe it’s growing out of a 4-year long bend of comfortable chunky shoe options. 

Tamera Mellon sent me these red power pumps, and in my opinion, nothing goes with red quite like red.

And on the topic of empowerment, Tamara co-founded the house of Jimmy Choo and has taken the mastery of what she’s learned to really hone in a staple silhouette within her own brand. Now all I want to wear are skinny heels with monochromatic tights. Wouldn’t life feel so much better if we could all dress as if we were in an editorial? But to take it a notch above, how much better if we can take the feeling of a good shoe and wear it in our daily lives? I think wearing a heel to work (you can tell that I’ve strangely romanticized corporate life after working for myself for so long) suddenly reminded me how I should feel when I’m in work mode.

Overall takeaway: instead of putting on your thinking cap, throw on a pair of heels. And if you’re really ambitious, dress like you’re in an editorial for a day. Things will happen.

Shot by Brigitte Crisp in New York, New York.

REVISION II: I have found someone for this role!! Thank you so much for your interests x

REVISION: After reading my 12:30am plea for help, I realized it did come off indulgent and entitled, and for that I apologize. I’m not really the best at communicating, hah, it tends to get me in trouble at times and I feel like I’m always doing damage control.

But, you’re right, if I call it a job, I should at least offer a living wage… and if I’m being completely honest… I am just grazing my comfortable living and truthfully don’t have the means to support another human financially – for now (‘cause I think with the right help, I could). If you couldn’t tell by now, I am very picky about the sponsors I take on and sometimes, would rather pull rent money from my savings than to take on a sponsorship that I don’t feel aligned with or a have connection towards. Perhaps rewording this as an internship would be a better case?

Now I consider myself to be a fair person and will always make sure everyone around me is comfortable and knows that I value and appreciate their time, I hope I haven’t shown anyone proof otherwise of my personality. I would much rather undersell a project and over deliver than to oversell and under deliver. I have some projects in the pipeline that aren’t set in stone yet, and if those pull through, then suddenly I will have a bigger budget to work with. I’m also always in contact with people who are looking for talent to hire and have often referred people I’ve worked with to them – you just never know where your journey will take you.

Ultimately yes, I am asking for you to take a risk on me, and it’s not for you, no hard feelings. However, what I don’t want, is for there to be any room for misjudgment on my character; which is why I wanted to write this follow up note in the spirit of transparency.

I am asking for help, officially. In evaluating what I want to invest my time into this year… I thought of many things: youtube, self-growth, relationships, creativity. There are so many facets of my life that have tremendous potential yet I keep coming back to this: a team.

Starting the YouTube channel was not only meant to share my life, but I wanted it to be a place to collaborate and foster talent. It’s fun for me. But I also know I haven’t even touched the peak of what I’m capable of. My dreams are becoming far too large for my own two hands and with many of you extending a helping hand, asking this community made the most sense. However, I don’t have much money to offer but hope to properly compensate you with beauty goodies, mentorship, and sending you off in the right direction.

While this may seem gratuitous for just a YouTube channel, I am hoping to take on a few projects outside of That’s Chic. With the right person to bounce off of, we can really make magic ✨✨ But I need someone willing to grow with me, and who knows where that can lead!?


– Mentorship to whatever you are working on
– Help build social contacts where it fits
– A $500 monthly stipend – first 3 months, can discuss more after
– Ten (10) products a month
– A platform to collaborate on


– Savvy, sexy, smart
– Needs no handholding
– Creative!
– In LA proper with a car *is a requirement, no budging on this*
– Part-time, with me 2-3 days a week and possibly more
– Hustler who doesn’t need direction
– Fast paced thinker
– Understand that I don’t know how to ask for help so I need someone proactive


– Pick up/drop off dry cleaning, returns, samples
– Depop (can pay commission on sales)
– Attend some events
– Project-based to help with videos or photography
– Rough cuts/editing video files
– Building out decks
– Research
– Organizing and maintaining a schedule/workflow

Please email me: why you’d be my perfect assistant. Don’t need resumes, but maybe some visuals that encompass who you are.

Title your email: CREATIVE ASSISTANT: <YOUR NAME>. I will not read it otherwise (cause then I know you don’t take instructions well heh). Keep your email professional!

PS, this is a JOB. I am not looking for someone to ‘help’ me, I am looking for someone to put in the work. I work extremely fast-paced and am not as laissez-faire as my videos may paint me as.

Voodoo Nights

December 18, 2017

I’ve been really drawn to a stranger romantic, dominatrix aesthetic lately. Then one day, I coerced Kenealy to come over and rummage around my backyard between renovations to play around on camera.

This month, as you might have figured already, I’m doing #31daysofthatschic. Daily vlog uploads, and in the midst of being far to engulfed in video editing programs, I wanted to have a creative refresh working with photos again, for a second.

Feeling super inspired and creative lately, need more energy and resources to channel it. Gonna be asking for help soon in the new year, so be on the look out for a job opportunity.

Make My Heart Sing

November 2, 2017

It may seem I’m trying to ignore the fact it’s Fall by perusing in my undergarments when in fact, it’s actually the most comforting seasonal thing for me. Heater is on blast; I’m lounging in my knickers and favorite jeans; making some bougie, organic, all natural, seasonal latte.

Pink bralette from MeUndies & jeans from Re/Done

Thank you Alex Kenealy for always capturing me at my leisurely best. I promise I’m not always this relaxed in my spare time.