Voodoo Nights

December 18, 2017

I’ve been really drawn to a stranger romantic, dominatrix aesthetic lately. Then one day, I coerced Kenealy to come over and rummage around my backyard between renovations to play around on camera.

This month, as you might have figured already, I’m doing #31daysofthatschic. Daily vlog uploads, and in the midst of being far to engulfed in video editing programs, I wanted to have a creative refresh working with photos again, for a second.

Feeling super inspired and creative lately, need more energy and resources to channel it. Gonna be asking for help soon in the new year, so be on the look out for a job opportunity.

Make My Heart Sing

November 2, 2017

It may seem I’m trying to ignore the fact it’s Fall by perusing in my undergarments when in fact, it’s actually the most comforting seasonal thing for me. Heater is on blast; I’m lounging in my knickers and favorite jeans; making some bougie, organic, all natural, seasonal latte.

Pink bralette from MeUndies & jeans from Re/Done

Thank you Alex Kenealy for always capturing me at my leisurely best. I promise I’m not always this relaxed in my spare time.

First thing’s first: can we get a huge round of applause for the MVP, Alan Li for tolerating my insistent late night emails about website related stuff for over a year? I came to Dani over a year ago with the idea of a website revamp, to which I started working closely with said developer, Alan. As my life and mind still stands, it was a sandbox. Literally my head felt like a sandbox, and with YouTube as my new frontier, side gigs, blah blah blah, I still haven’t found an outlet that felt me.

So I essentially wanted an experience that looked like my mind, but hopefully in a more digestible form. Play around, indulge, explore, and let me know your thoughts! We would love some feedback to make more fine-tuned.

Till then, enjoy the new That’s Chic.

Waiting For Fall

September 7, 2017

It’s been heatwave after heatwave and all I want to do with wear pretty Fall clothes in a mistressly manner. 

Instead, I find myself swimming in beads of sweat and falling into the deep hole of global warming articles that turns into Trump discussions. To which I remind myself that my sanity is most important and know there is a mental break and an ice cold La Croix waiting for me in the yard.


July 27, 2017

I have a guilty confession: one of the things you see in these picture is $35 and the other is $1200.

Have you guessed? You might know I’m fairly pro slow-fashion; meaning, I encourage consignment shopping, investment pieces, and dabbling into thrift stores. However, sometimes I make exceptions, but never by way of temptation. Discovering this dress was through working closely with the Who What Wear team who happen to also make clothes at Target. And they strongly encouraged me to accept a gift, and I got this dress. A $35 dress that might be one of my favorite summer aquirements. So easy to wear, and the belt doubles as a hair accessory.


So while I feel some guilt to be elated over a quick, easy purchase, I find that this dress has been making its way into weekly if not daily wear. Which doesn’t go too far beyond my morals, right?

Oh, andddddd the $1200 is the coffee table. My first apartment splurge and I haven’t looked back. Guess I’ll always be in limbo of the extreme highs and lows.