That’s Chic started as a fashion blog in 2007.

Welcome to my mind.

I started blogging when I was in high school. With really strict parents, I didn’t have a whole lot of outlet options. Let’s just say the Internet was a different place ten years ago. Now I have a YouTube channel, which I started because I got too far into blogging to stop. I was also a bit turned off the influencer industry at around the same time, which was becoming rapidly vapid and superficial. I just wanted to create moods and stories, which is what made blogging so special to begin with. Thus, the birth of my YouTube channel (as told to The File).

Outside of the internet world, I’m a girl in my twenties living in Los Angeles. For work I do That’s Chic full time, but I consult brands on the side – kinda a jack of all trades, master of none in that aspect. Spare time I enjoy being physically creative, outdoorsy active, and socially stimulated. I suddenly feel like I’m writing about myself for a dating site, so I’m gonna end this here and hope you get my jist through my videos, blog, and FAQ.

Thanks for tuning in, babes x