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New Beginnings

November 2, 2017

First thing’s first: can we get a huge round of applause for the MVP, Alan Li for tolerating my insistent late night emails about website related stuff for over a year? I came to Dani over a year ago with the idea of a website revamp, to which I started working closely with said developer, Alan. As my life and mind still stands, it was a sandbox. Literally my head felt like a sandbox, and with YouTube as my new frontier, side gigs, blah blah blah, I still haven’t found an outlet that felt me.

So I essentially wanted an experience that looked like my mind, but hopefully in a more digestible form. Play around, indulge, explore, and let me know your thoughts! We would love some feedback to make more fine-tuned.

Till then, enjoy the new That’s Chic.

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